Musa on the brink

I still remember my friends face by the big smile that he had while scoring a goal in the muddy fields around our residential area in Kabul. Musa was my childhood friend; in fact, we grew up together. We were enrolled to a nearby governmental school at the age of 6 and we studied there... Continue Reading →

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Three day quote challenge, Day-3

“The earth has music for those who listen.” —George Santayana. I am in love with this quote. We are too busy in our lives these days. We are busy with our jobs, social media and electronic equipment’s that we do not even spend time with the ones we love the most let alone spending some... Continue Reading →

Three day quote challenge, Day-1

sharing is caring It is very true indeed. When I think of this quote I mostly remember the times I spent with my friends while I was doing my studies in India. The time we spent together, food we cooked and shared, laughs we shared with each other and even the sad moments we spent... Continue Reading →

Living with Fear

He had black and bushy beards. His head was a little big for the small size of his body. His hairs looked as if it was not combed for weeks. He was wearing a white and very out of shaped turbans. The look was freighting. He was angry and was frowning with anger and was... Continue Reading →

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