Musa on the brink

I still remember my friends face by the big smile that he had while scoring a goal in the muddy fields around our residential area in Kabul. Musa was my childhood friend; in fact, we grew up together. We were enrolled to a nearby governmental school at the age of 6 and we studied there... Continue Reading →

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The way we treat animals and Its impact on our society

I am mostly an optimistic person but your optimism can change to pessimism very quickly if you are living in Afghanistan. I wake up early in the mornings and do the normal activities like most of us do. I go to work, spend time with my family and often hung up with friends in my... Continue Reading →

Afghanistan’s Football League Gets Underway

It was Thursday and when I woke up in the morning I felt a bit dizzy and unmotivated by the day ahead. I guess it might be very exciting to have holidays in other western countries because you get the chance to spend some time with your family and go some places for refreshment. However,... Continue Reading →


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